How much does a website cost? That is the Thousand Dollar Question Most Small Business Owners Want to Know Before They Have Their Website Built !!

Here we explore what the costs are for having a small business website creation. When you have finished reading this you will know how much you can expect to pay for having your small business website built.

It can be hard for business owners to obtain an accurate quote to have a website created, particularly since very few firms post their rates online. Why? Because the website creation cost depends on the project, i.e. what you want and need. But web design and development firms also want to have a 1-on-1 with potential clients so that they can show their value and build rapport. Here you will learn about how much you can expect that companies will charge for their services. This includes build, maintenance and marketing.


Here is what you can expect to pay to have a new website developed in 2017, depending on what you’re looking to have done :

1. Small Business Website :

This is for a basic informational website with very little customization needed. Usually less than 20 pages, with a couple of stock photos, and no unique functionality. Upfront rates: $1,999 to $2,999.

2. Medium-Sized Business Website :

Mostly for commercial websites with no more than 75 pages, content management system (CMS) enabled, custom design layouts and imagery, and some unique functionality set up by developers. Upfront rates: $3,999 to $5,999.

3. Ecommerce Website :

A website where customers can browse and purchase products; integration of a payment gateway is necessary, as is imagery, copy-writing, a CMS, and beta testing. Upfront cost: $5999 to $6,999 (determined by the amount of products featured, and their intricacy).

4. Large Business Website :

A large scale website with several hundred pages, custom design layouts and imagery, a content management system, unique functionality, and supplementary features (such as personalized development, blog integration, multimedia creation, and more). Upfront cost: $7,999 to $9,999.

Now that you understand the concept of costs to develop a website for your business, let’s look at the monthly or annual fees you can expect to pay, and what those costs cover.


Several costs that come with running a website are necessary. Here are some of the unavoidable expenses you can expect to pay when having a new website developed.

    Now that you have a basic understanding of the costs to run a basic website, let’s analyze some of the features that are worth paying extra for. We’ll only focus on add-ons that can turn visitors into customers, increase your online traffic, and raise your ranking on search engines like Google.


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