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What will I gain from your custom mobile application development agency

Stealth Technocrats have expertise in both native and cross-platform technologies. We prefer to work under affordable prices, innovative ways and of course with experienced team members. We always offer the best solution to the particular situation.

Android applications development services

Android devices are popular among all geographic locations. Android applications are the best source to reach audiences through these devices. We are a leading mobile application development company that developers need to explore in 2021.

iOS applications development services

Are you aware of the fact that iOS applications are much better than Android Applications in terms of getting the best ROI. Apple is the top loyalty brand in the world. We use Swift and Objective-C to build our top rated iOS apps.

Recent mobile app development projects

If you are still not clear about the mobile application development, you can review Stealth Technocrats app development projects to get best knowledge of what we have done so far and how it looks like.

Looking For Affordable Mobile App Development Company?

Mobile app types we specialized on

We create high quality and scalable mobile apps for all types of businesses and sizes. Our clients come from many different industries. Over the years, we’ve build applications for the following niches.

Taxi App

We follow the be workable technology stack and integrations to Build your own Taxi Booking App like Uber, Ola and earn a hefty profit from your own Taxi business.

Ecommerce App

Reach your consumers, increase sales, and drive in-store traffic with a successful eCommerce mobile app that allows easy & secure shopping.

Streaming App

We provide integration of live streaming functionality in your app. It helps you to reach and interact with more people across the world.

Fitness App

Our fitness app development solution is designed to foster personal well-being, amplify revenue generation and expand the clientele for fitness service providers through our forte in the fitness industry.

Money Transfer App

Our Payment Mobile App provides the easiest and time saving method to make payments. It’s the perfect solution to get things done in a fast and secure way. The mobile wallet app saves the customers from the burden of typing the same payment details over and over.

Social Media App

We develop interactive social media applications that help businesses reach their audience and engage with them enough to ignite conversations.

Travel & Tourism App

Our travel application development team understands the terms of the industry and helps you to cater to the growing demand from users, partners, and investors.

Location Based App

We build innovative mobile apps that are instantly deployable for navigation & search, weather, field services, asset-tracking, proximity-based marketing, geofencing services, and more.

What does the mobile app development process look like?

From getting a request to creating a mobile app to launching it on the market, we go through a number of Agile iterations together with our clients. Each step in the process described below is an ongoing activity.


Our client Admire us because we focus at:

  • Clear communication

    Here at Stealth Technocrats, we streamline communication between clients and teams by creating a communication plan that schedules and describes all daily, weekly, and monthly calls and meetings. That’s how we make sure all stakeholders have a clear vision of your business objectives.

  • Efficient project management

    To avoid budget overruns, prevent schedule slips, and minimize project risks, we’ve created a solid Project Management Office whose aim is to make sure the product we’re working on meets our customer’s and end users’ expectations. Our project managers take ownership over the scope, schedule, budget, and team to deliver your product without a hitch.

  • Consistent delivery

    For the optimal output, we use various software development methodologies and techniques including Scrum, Scrumban, and the Scaled Agile Framework depending on the project size and type. An agile and proactive approach allows us to deliver your project on time while avoiding emergency work, rework, and schedule slips.

  • Scaling on demand

    We believe our clients should have as few worries as possible. That’s why when conditions change and you need to increase the size of your team, we add as many people as needed to finish everything on time. We gather the best multi-skilled specialists for you!

  • Fast onboarding

    Our customers are from all over the globe, so we know how to establish and streamline communication and collaboration. All our specialists are fluent in English and continue to improve their language skills on a daily basis. Our goal is to make differences in time, culture, and location imperceptible.

  • Decisions based on relevant data

    To bring your business objectives to life and create an app that will have high demand on the market, the Stealth Technocrats team performs business and market research. The insights we get from this research allow us to form a feature list to satisfy your end customers’ needs.


Meet Our Team


Gaurav Nargotra

CEO & Founder

Sorabh Arora

BDO & Co-Founder

Pooja Kashyap

HR Manager

Makhan Singh

Project Manager

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